Letter from the Editor

Salutatory from the Editor-in-Chief

Published Mar 6, 2017

This day and age is one of uncertainty. Perhaps for the first time in our modern world, everybody feels it. Not just those with a lower socioeconomic status, and not just the middle class. Uncertainty has spread to encapsulate not just the economy and whether or not a family can go on one more vacation… Read more

Salutatory from the Editor-in-Chief

Published May 25, 2015

  A Changing Landscape This is a critical time for health and medicine. While this sentiment has certainly been expressed before with the utmost earnestness, its message cannot be overemphasized. Disparities in health outcomes continue to deepen across socioeconomic and racial lines, reimbursement and insurance coverage structures grow in complexity, costs balloon, ethical dilemmas increase… Read more